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BBQ Lovah Combo Pack

BBQ Lovah Combo Pack

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The BBQ Lovah Combo Pack is the perfect set for the grill master. This combo pack contains the Island Sun Rub, which was developed as a poultry rub. This is the perfect rub to use on chicken, turkey or any other type of poultry that you are putting on the grill. The pack also contains the famous Beach Bum Rub, which was developed as a steak rub. Whether it is a pork shoulder, a steak, a roast, or a rack of ribs, the Beach Bum is the ideal choice for meat. It has a smooth yet vibrant taste that combines various herbs and spices in the right proportions. The pack also features the Seafood Tsunami, which was developed specifically for grilling fish, shrimp, lobster, crabs, etc. It is also great in a crab boil as well. However, rub this on some seafood and slap it on the grill and it will be magical. There is lemon powder in this product that adds that extra oomph! Lastly, the pack contains the world-famous 340 Boxing Blend. This mesquite rub is placed in a smoker after it has been blended and is expertly smoked using mesquite wood. It has a nice smoky flavor with a little kick.

The BBQ Lovah is the perfect pack for the Grill God in the family.

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