Islandboy Spices Fans Engage in Cross-Country Throw-down

Conch ShellOn Saturday January 17, 2015, several Islandboy Spices customers will get their labs (kitchens), grab some Islandboy Spices, and make magic. They will be participating in a cross-country, cross-ocean throw-down that promises to feature a diversity of dishes.

Kelley Ferrell, from Arizona will be making beer-butt chicken using the Beach Bum Rub. She will also be making a surprise dish using another Islandboy Spices blend, but we’re not sure which one and the suspense is killing us.

Tom Pelton from Arkansas will be making wild boar pork chops. In the past he used the Tropical Flame Jerk Spice rub when making this dish. However, what he uses today is anyone’s guess; but we’re positive it will be awesome.

Edgar January from St. Thomas, VI, but living in New York City will be in the lab as well. He hasn’t shared his menu, as he plans on surprising us; but as a culinary arts student, our expectations are high.

Sharon Gumbs hailing from St. Thomas, VI teased us a few weeks ago by sharing a picture of some ribs that she seasoned with the Tradewinds All-Purpose Blend mixed with the Tropical Flame Jerk Spice Rub. We wonder what she has in store for us today.

Professional boxer and chef Julius “The Chef” Jackson, will be a participant. However, he is traveling to California today for training camp and plans on showing of his culinary talents later on in the week. He will be featured in an episode of Cooking with the Islandboy while he is in CA and the Islandboy will also be featured in an episode of the Chef’s Cooking Show.

Rounding out the day, the Islandboy will be making a traditional Caribbean dish – conch in butter sauce, peas & rice and funji.

Today promises to be a great experience for all of the Islandboy Spices fans as they will get to see the creations of other customers across the country. Stay tuned.


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